The Sushi Taco DIY kit is available NOW!

As a mother of 3, I always want to create special family memories for us. Having playful and fun dinner time is very important too; therefore, we created an easy nutritious DIY kit at Y93 secret kitchen, so that your family can also easily enjoy a healthy meal at home.

Each Sushi Taco Kit for 4 comes with 1. Corn & Avocado Salad (with mayo) 2. Crab meat salad (with cucumbers, massago, and mayo) 3. Seaweed salad 4. Y93 Mango Tomato Salsa 5. Sushi Seaweed Sheets 6. Sushi Rice 800g 7. Miso Soup 32oz. And your choice of TWO proteins, free ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

**** No substitute is allowed. ****

To order: please check out the Y93 Secret Kitchen – SkipTheDishes page.

Tea Time Special — Extra Special

It’s always fun to try something new and special. We now offering new items during TEA TIME. Finally, we are offering one of the Japanese food all time favourite. — TONKATSU (Japanese Pork Cutlet). This Tonkatsu set only available during our tea time special.

Come with 4pc Tonkatsu, Japanese rice, miso soup and your choice of Japanese Tea.

Tea Time Special!

Honestly, I think this set is just perfect for tea time!! Two pocket Inari sushi with your choice of our premium Japanese Tea for only $12!!! Upgrade to handcrafted latte for extra $2, I would love to try it too!!

Tea time special only available Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 4:30pm.

Pocket Sushi Selection: California / Seaweed Salad / Spicy Salmon / Tempura Shrimp

Tea options: Iced Oolong Tea / Premium Japanese Tea / Organic herbal tea

Handcrafted Latte option +$2: Kyoto fog / Matcha latte / cafe latte

Iced Latte option: +$2.5: Mango Milk / Strawberry Milk / Iced Latte

Sept 2022

It’s Patio Season!

Check out our new patio season NEW items! 🙂

Must try: Chirashi Ramen & Aburi Salmon Don

July 2022

Updated: We are open now!! April 2022

Really sorry to tell you that, our cafe will be closed on March 25 to March 28 (reopen on March 29 Tuesday) due to covid issue. We put our staffs’ and customer’s safety first, that’s why we have made this hard decision. Sorry for any inconvenience!

March 24, 2022

Holiday Hours:

It’s been a crazy year!! Right? This is the first sentence of the new song “Simply Christmas” composed by one of our friends David Klob in Calgary. Did you find overwhelming with your current situation and need a break? How will you spend Christmas time this year? Will you choose to spend it in a simple way? We choose to find peace and joy over the overwhelming busy day-to-day work! Hope you find your peaceful moments before the end of this crazy year 2021! We will be closed from Dec 24 to Jan 3. Reopen on Jan 4, 2022. (Tuesday)

In the end, we would like to share a beautiful song with you by David Klob “Simply Christmas”! Wish you have a wonderful Christmas and a Joyful coming year!

Dec 2021

New Government Regulations

Y93 Sushi Crave Japanese Cafe will be fully participating in the Government of Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program starting September 20, 2021.

What you need to know:

  • PROOF of FULLY Vaccined (2 doses)is required for INDOOR Dine-in
    • Beginning Monday Sept 20, 2021, Proof of vaccination status for those aged 12+ will be required for ALL INDOOR Dine-in. We only accept PROOF of FULLY Vaccined (2 doses) customers for indoor dine-in at this time. This is the government’s policy. *Y93 DOES NOT against anyone who choose NOT to vaccinated.
  • ALL staffs in Y93 Sushi Crave Japanese Cafe are fully vaccinated.

NEW POSITION AVAILABLE: Cafe Assistant Manager (Full-time permanent position)


August 2021

August 9

Yes, we are hiring again! This time is Barista/Server. If you know anyone who loves Japanese food/drinks/culture and wants to share the joy with others, please tell them to join our team!

We are happy to announce that the Covid testing result of ALL of our remaining team members comes back NEGATIVE. It’s not an outbreak. We have been following AHS health guidelines throughout the whole time. However, we would like to do an EXTRA step, we decide to close the cafe from JUN 28 to 30 for Deep Cleaning, make sure there is NO virus or germs on any touching area and food preparation area, or even storage area.

Starting July 1, the covid restriction will enter stage 3, we will also remain closed until July 11. We would like our team members to enjoy Calgary’s summer. Having good family times with their families, recover, and recharge before coming back with full energy on July 12. It’s been a tough year and a half for everyone and for Y93 too. We hope that everyone can release some stress, enjoying Calgary’s nice weather, beautiful God creations. When we back in service on July 12, we will also start our extended hour. We will open Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 7:30 pm. The last order will be at 7 pm.

Thank you SO MUCH for all your continued support and loves for Y93. We hope to see your happy face in person again!

Temporary Closed

We don’t want to see it, but it happened. One of our team member has been exposed to COVID case at home and got tested positive. Her last shift was on Tuesday Jun 22 and got the test result on Friday Jun 25. Due to the AHS guidelines, all of her co-worker are NOT her closed contact. None of any other staffs has developed any symptoms and all of the staffs had taken vaccines. We are not forced to close the business. However, For the safety reason and provide a safe environment for our staffs and customers, we decided to temporarily closed for today Jun 26 (this weekend) for deep cleaning and all the staffs will go for the COVID test. We will wait for the testing results and make sure everyone is negative before reopening again.

We assure everyone that our cafe has been followed AHS guidelines, maintain social distancing and put masks on all the time in the past. We also sanitized working environment regularly. July 1 is coming up, the city seems to reopen soon, everyone wants to get back to normal, we understand, we totally understand. However, COVID is still here, there is still people get infected, there is still lots of families are suffering. So please, keep your mask on, go to take the vaccine when possible, and fight Covid together!!!

Sorry for all the inconvenience and COVID is still here, everyone BE SAFE!!! #temporaryclosed #yyc #calgary #covidstillhere #fightcovid19together

Our patio is open now!! YEAH!

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm

Closed on Sunday & public Holiday

June 2, 2021

Easter Holiday Hours:

March 31, 2021

“Dine-in area reopens NOW”

Y93 Sushi Crave Japanese Cafe Dine-in area will open again in March, the maximum capacity in the dine-in area is 8. The last seat in time is 6 pm.

Dine-in area

Pick up and delivery will also be available through online order and phone order during normal service hours.

Under the new regulation, we must collect your personal contact information (1 per dining party) and proof of ID (to show you are living in the same household if needed)

March, 2021

Yes, we WON! We earned the title of “Calgary’s Best Fish and Chips” Award.

Read our winning story!
Y93 Fish N Chips Deluxe Competition Version

*Under the new Covid-19 restriction (updated on Dec 13), all the restaurant is NOT allowed dine-in. Y93 Sushi Crave will stay open but only for Take-Out and Delivery services. You can place an order by calling 403-457-2822 or clink the Order take-out / delivery / frozen kit Link.

We hope everyone can stay safe and healthy and back to normal soon!

“New Y93 Kitchen frozen kits are available!!!”

Want to eat healthy food anytime during the day? Tired of takeout food and want to cook at home like a pro but don’t know how? Y93Kitchen can help you!

We understand during the time of pandemic is stressful. Extra cautions on cleaning and maintain social distancing; can’t go out with friends, no party, no dine-out…. you name it. However, on-the-other-hand, we can use this “special time” to reconnect with our loved ones at home. Having quality time with family by making dinner together, watch a movie at night, and maybe get the boardgame out from the basement may be a good idea too.

However, not everyone likes cooking. And how to make Japanese food at home like a pro isn’t easy too! Y93 Kitchen DIY kits prepared the HARDEST parts for you. You only need to add some creativity to it, your family can enjoy the FUN and HEALTHY Japanese food at HOME.

CREATION ONE: Y93 Frozen Ramen Kits

Y93 Kitchen prepared the hardest part, you can choose from Tonkotsu Broth or Chicken Broth (Click here: Read more on Y93 ramen broth), then choose Y93 seasoning Tare (Shoyu, Spicy or Miso) and ramen, option to add protein. Finally, add your favorites vegetables and creations, then your very own version of hot Ramen is ready to serve. Fun and easy. Cooking skill level 2. Order here!

CREATION TWO: Y93 Japa Curry Chicken 

Want to have a curry night for the whole family? Y93 Kitchen pre-made the Japanese Curry for you. All you need is to add rice, or even bread or crackers to dip to the curry? Y93 Japa curry consists of many different kinds of vegetables and fruits. Like mango, apple, tomato, onion & potatoes. No nuts and mild spicy only, everyone can have it! Order here!

CREATION THREE: Coconut Soy Milk Vegan Soup

Heaven of Vegan fans! Y93 Vegan Soup Frozen Kit come with a bowl of 16oz coconut & soy milk based vegan soup and flavorsome tomato confit, mushroom confit, sweet corn, inari tofu and rice. Simply reheat everything and you can enjoy a bowl of warm soup anywhere, anytime! Order Here!

Option to add an Ramen / Udon / Noodles and extra green vegetables to DTY as your own version.

CREATION FOUR: Y93 DIY Sushi & Sashimi Kit coming soon!