Want to eat healthy food anytime during the day? Tired of takeout food and want to cook at home like a pro but don’t know how? Y93Kitchen can help you!

We understand during the time of pandemic is stressful. Extra cautions on cleaning and maintain social distancing; can’t go out with friends, no party, no dine-out…. you name it. However, on-the-other-hand, we can use this “special time” to reconnect with our loved ones at home. Having quality time with family by making dinner together, watch a movie at night, and maybe get the boardgame out from the basement may be a good idea too.

However, not everyone likes cooking. And how to make Japanese food at home like a pro isn’t easy too! Y93 Kitchen DIY kits prepared the HARDEST parts for you. You only need to add some creativity to it, your family can enjoy the FUN and HEALTHY Japanese food at HOME.

CREATION ONE: Y93 Frozen Ramen Kits

Y93 Kitchen prepared the hardest part, you can choose from Tonkotsu Broth or Chicken Broth (Click here: Read more on Y93 ramen broth), then choose Y93 seasoning Tare (Shoyu, Spicy or Miso) and ramen, option to add protein. Finally, add your favorites vegetables and creations, then your very own version of hot Ramen is ready to serve. Fun and easy. Cooking skill level 2. Order here!

CREATION TWO: Y93 Japa Curry Chicken 

Want to have a curry night for the whole family? Y93 Kitchen pre-made the Japanese Curry for you. All you need is to add rice, or even bread or crackers to dip to the curry? Y93 Japa curry consists of many different kinds of vegetables and fruits. Like mango, apple, tomato, onion & potatoes. No nuts and mild spicy only, everyone can have it! Order here!

CREATION THREE: Coconut Soy Milk Vegan Soup

Heaven of Vegan fans! Y93 Vegan Soup Frozen Kit come with a bowl of 16oz coconut & soy milk based vegan soup and flavorsome tomato confit, mushroom confit, sweet corn, inari tofu and rice. Simply reheat everything and you can enjoy a bowl of warm soup anywhere, anytime!

Option to add an Ramen / Udon / Noodles and extra green vegetables to DTY as your own version.

CREATION FOUR: Y93 DIY Sushi & Sashimi Kit coming soon!