By Y93 local teen artists

Establishing Y93 is a soul searching journey. It is a journey of learning faith, a testimony, a dream, and a place to shine God’s love! Our mission is driven by our philosophy — “Love only grows by sharing”

Our Journey all began with a dream …..

Our story — The Dream of Y93

About Y93 – mission

We are Y93 Sushi Crave Japanese Cafe. A cozy place serving quality Japanese comfort food and handcrafted beverages! So what else? Is that all?? Definitely not!

Y93 Sushi Crave Japanese Cafe offers a place for those who are looking for a local hole in the wall Japanese restaurant, and at an affordable price-guests are able to discover the feeling of being in Japan through our various comfort food options, handcrafted drinks, unique tea, atmosphere, interior design and the service we provide without having to book a flight ticket.

Our mission is driven by our philosophy — “Love only grows by sharing” We do so by keeping our promises:

  1. All our food and handcrafted beverages are prepared with care, love, and passion. (If we don’t love it, we won’t serve it.)
  2. We commit to use only the best quality ingredients to let you enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price.
  3. We deliver friendly customer services and a cozy environment to make you feel that you are being invited to our home. (You are our important guest!)
  4. Our cafe is like a secret garden. Here you can find our beloved Japanese toy collection, guitar, favourite books and cute little plants. You will also see the artworks created by our customers who have eventually become our friends and share their passions with us.
  5. We create a platform for you to get connected and share stories. Either gathering in-person in our cafe or follow us online at Japan chat corner.


“Love only grows by sharing”

by Brian Tracy