Some of you may wonder why we are starting this Japan Chat Corner while being busy running Y93 café. The reason is simple yet genuine – We have the passion to introduce and promote Japanese culture to everyone who appreciates the language, hobbies and of course, the tasty food!
We have always enjoyed the conversations with every customer and friend, and the community that we have built together. Because of Y93, some of the customers have become good friends. However, the pandemic and social distancing nowadays have created a virtual barrier between us.  We can now only do virtual hugs or talk with a mask on from a distance.
Nothing can stop us from building connection, isn’t it?
Therefore, we have created this Japan Chat Corner to continue sharing with you everything we love about Japan. We are excited that our staff Mari, who is a loving mum moved to Calgary from Japan over 15 years ago, will share “Japanese Mum Home Cooking” recipe with us. Another lovely staff Jessica will share her interesting experience of being an English teacher in Japan and will give us some language lessons! Two of our customers will also share their joy of collecting Japanese vintage toys and DIY Japanese candle making.
If you also enjoy Japanese culture and would like to share your Japanese experience, please reach out to us! Let’s start and get connected!
楽しんでください (Please Enjoy)

Aburi Style Nigiri

Many of you may wonder why some sushi got torched? This is actually a different style of nigiri sushi. Its special name is called “Aburi Nigiri”. Aburi Style Nigiri means “flame-seared” when the flame is applied to sushi, the heat changes the sushi’s flavor to create new textures while enhancing its natural flavors. Some of …


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About Y93 Japan-Chat Corner

We are a small team from Y93 family. We are a multicultural group living in Calgary, Canada. In common, we all loved Japanese culture. We want to share our passions on what we love to you.

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