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My first REAL guitar — It’s Japanese made!!

It is a Fender Stratocaster Hot Rod Reissue, means it got upgraded hardwares like Floyd Rose tremolo and Dimarzio pickups and some fancy wiring under the hood, it was made in Fujigen factory, Matsumoto Nagano, Japan, arguably the best guitar factory in Japan. I brought it new in the summer of 1993, and oh yeah, …

Nothing between Me & God

Our Y93 story! This is just the beginning! https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/62289297/storyline-winter-2018/18

Our story — The Dream of Y93

It all began with a dream deep inside the hearts of our chef, Alan, and his loving wife, Susanna, to create a place in this beautiful and energetic city where people can share their stories and connect with each other through good quality Japanese cuisine. For Y93 café, 2018 was a year filled with hardship …