Year 2020 is almost over, it was definitely a challenging year for most of us. Not just for small businesses, but it affected every single household. Some lost their jobs, others lost their businesses, and many lost their loved ones. Once you hear their stories, you can also feel their pain.

However, we decided to change our perspective on the lock-down and see it as a given opportunity. During the time of the 1st lock-down, we had closed for 1 month. In that month, we had extra time to utilize a new way to serve our customers. We were able to spend more time with family and created more new items to add on to the menu. For example, our original bento boxes, more vegan options like Green Vegan Roll, Vegan Soup, Vegetarian Ramen and much more. We also launched the ramen kits and other frozen meal kits for anyone who works from home or does home schooling, so that they can enjoy the authentic Japanese food at home. 2020 was a difficult time but that also entailed more opportunities out there! For us, we have faith that our CEO is guiding us every step of the way! Read our Add Oil 加油 Faith Story!

In December, it is also a very special month for us at Y93 Sushi Crave — our Anniversary month. Thank you all for your support for the past two years. From a 2 people team, we grew into a 4 people team. Still very small but as they say, good things come in small packages!! We are blessed to have two amazing team members who are good match to our Japanese cafe; in return, we also empowered them to growth into their unique personalities, to be a much better self.
In December, we also accepted a very interesting challenge —  Joining the “Calgary’s Best Fish n Chips” award competition hosted by Culinaire Magazine and in collaboration with British Consulate General. This is a very interesting challenge. Although Fish and Chips isn’t our specialty; but we did our best! We created and served the best Y93 version to the judges. Those 5 judges cover the whole city trying out every fish n chips nominees. As I know there were more than 40 nominees. The scoring are based on 4 different areas. The final result will be announced on Global TV on Jan 3, 2021 at 8:20am!! Do you want to find out who will be the champion of the BEST Fish n Chips in Calgary too?

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We know year 2020 is not an easy year, many of us want it ends soon. We are looking forward to the year of 2021. We know the best is yet to come. Wish you have a Happy New Year and all the best in 2021.